Yema is an innovative psychotherapist and lifecoach who wanted specialist marketing support to help her grow her business.  She required a day of Brand Consultancy in order to become more focused about her independent brand development and its ongoing marketing communications structure. This day focused on:

  • Defining her Brand with Keywords
  • Developing Short and Long-Term Brand Strategy
  • Identifying Marketing Channels
  • Developing Consistent Marketing Communications Tactics
Yema Brand Workdoc

Yema Ferreira, London

Service: Brand consultancy

Nicole is very perceptive. She was able to draw out of me everything I knew and felt about my brand - down to the colours that communicate my message - but had not been able to articulate. At the end of our work day I had a complete foundational blue print, with all the necessary pieces, to build my marketing strategy and implement it on an ongoing basis. As I produce new material, all I have to do is go back to my blueprint to make sure that all of my messages are aligned and consistent. 

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