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What stops you from living your truthful creative potential?

November 7, 2019 |

For years I felt called to help people, and yet, I stayed in my Brand Management job until I eventually burnt out, developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  My body had enough, and it redirected me – and that was my first lesson in leaning into following my heart instead of suppressing my truth.  Fast forward 8 years, and I am now a Life Mentor who supports people in finding freedom from suffering; something born from years of personal trauma, and layers of thinking about who I should be, which only began to fall away in the space of doing nothing.


You see, my love, we are complex thinkers, you and I – because we are human.  This is something profound that I learned throughout my journey, as I set on a search to try and ‘fix’ myself when my body shut down and refused to continue with my branding career.  I felt broken, because I was no longer able to work in the job I had luckily loved, but that I had found myself stressed over, rather than fulfilled.  I suddenly found myself in a space of inaction – of quiet – and at the time, I had a lot of thinking about how awful this was; how unfortunate that this had happened to me as my career was unfolding.  And yet, despite this, there was this little voice within that said “it’s okay, Nicole, you always wanted to help people and train in holistic therapies.”


This voice was my wisdom.  It was there, whispering to me what I knew to be true, deep within.  In that ‘deep down’ knowing space, there was something telling me that it was all going to be okay.  It’s funny how that is always there, and yet somehow we choose to ignore it, isn’t it?  Deep in my suffering with my illness, I still could hear, somewhere, that I was always okay.  But I didn’t trust it.  I didn’t trust myself.


This lack of trust was hiding under layers of thinking, though – it wasn’t easy to see that at the time.  It manifested as me spending days in bed, researching how to fix my life, and then it resulted in me travelling the world, searching for answers.  I couldn’t rest.  I trained in every single holistic therapy there was, and whilst this might seem like a good plan when my little voice within was saying I wanted to be a holistic therapist, it was actually serving as a temporary sticking plaster.  I learned from this experience, though – as I began to see that all self-help tools and techniques were masking things.


It wasn’t until I heard something different about how the mind works that I began to see the truth.  I heard that we are all, always okay, underneath the thinking that we aren’t.  I heard that our feelings come from our thinking, and that we are creating our own experience of life, all of the time, and that it doesn’t matter what we are thinking, because these thoughts aren’t necessarily true, and they most certainly aren’t who we really are underneath all the thinking.  This wisdom right here changed everything for me, as layers and layers of thinking began to unfold, revealing themselves to me via insights.


All of my life, I hadn’t trusted myself.  I had felt unworthy, alone, isolated, lonely, incapable – and when I lost my job I also felt like a failure.  All of this, I suddenly saw, was made up.  So I played with it.  If our thoughts aren’t always true, then what is?  Who really are we, if not our thinking?  And what did that mean for life?


As I began to spend less time in the world of my head, I dived more into what I loved.  I showed up only to those things that lit up my soul.  I found my truth – I loved yoga, I loved writing, I loved connecting with people and I loved helping people.   Without any real plan, I stopped my search for how to ‘fix’ myself as I gradually began to see I was never broken in the first place.  As I simply began to reconnect to my heart, I dropped out of my head, and my energy began to return.  What had kept me ill was my thinking, and nothing more – it was exhausting trying to be perfect.


I moved to the rhythm of my own drum, all of a sudden, and this involved getting quiet.  I stopped, perhaps for the first time in my life, and I began to see the world differently.  When I had felt isolated (because of the thinking I was isolated), I interacted with the world in a way which kept me isolated – because I expected to be.  I’ll never forget this realisation, because when I began my business I set up a Wellbeing Network in a small village in Warwickshire and I genuinely believed no one would turn up, but as I was playing with my new found understanding of how the mind works, I thought ‘if I’m not attached to the outcome, what can go wrong?’  Fifteen people showed up to that first meeting.  I couldn’t believe that my mind had created a narrative that was so wrong.  Three years later, and my life is transformed beyond all expectation as I see through all the narratives that unfold before me, over and over again – without me doing anything to change my mindset but observe and stay curious.


There has been so much freedom for me created in the space of doing nothing.  I’m not saying it was easy; it has been a long and messy road of uncertainty, which throws up new ‘human’ thinking all of the time, but now I know it is all made up – and the knowing of this settles me somewhat.  But life is so different now to back then.  There was a time when I couldn’t get out of bed for fear so great.  In the height of my illness I so strongly feared moving away from the same four walls I lived within every day.  I felt I couldn’t cope with the world.  Three years later, I have moved to the busy city of London and I live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling round as I evolve my business, connecting with people all over the world, with global mentoring clients from Texas to Australia, and I’m planning retreats as far as Bali.  I purposefully help people find freedom from suffering through one to one mentoring; supporting them to overcome the everyday stresses and anxieties we all deal with – just as I found myself suffering with – as well as heavier trauma and grief (of which I have also experienced much).  I speak and run workshops at leading festivals, and am featured in global press – and I’m writing a book, which was my ultimate dream.


What helped me to achieve this was mentoring.  Having someone see your true potential with an unwaveable certainty was certainly useful, but having someone explain why it is possible for you to see that too, over and over again as a reminder – in explaining how the mind can prevent you from seeing your true potential – well, that was invaluable.  Over time, I suddenly saw how anything was possible for me – and anyone, and my fear and limiting beliefs dissolved.  That’s why, now, I help people find freedom from suffering by pointing them to their inbuilt wisdom: a wisdom that is always there, underneath all of the thinking that it isn’t.  This isn’t just about suffering, it is about everything in life; if we could just see that our true potential is there waiting for us to realise it, that there is innate possibility everywhere, then we would be free to achieve whatever we want.  I’m here to tell you, my loves, that it is.  I know it, because I’m seeing it right now.  Everything we want is within – it’s just most often hiding underneath a layer of thought that says differently.  That little voice inside is in there, I know you know it.  And I’m here to point you back to that.


If you are ready to see something different – to step into your truth – then take my hand and I’ll show you the way.  You are magical.  You are so much more than you think – and I’m here to help you reconnect to that truth.  Your truth.  Take a little look here at Brand Coaching or also check out my Life Mentoring if you’re ready to join me in reconnecting to your creativity and find freedom from creative suffering!  And remember – the more creative thinkers we are, the more narratives we often have holding us back!  Let me help you past the fear, the unworthiness, the anxieties and creativity blocks and build the sustainable business that you were sent here to create…


Much love,



Nicole Barton

Life Mentor, Nicole Barton, is something of a unicorn within the self-help industry for her candid notion that nobody needs self-help. She is a breath of fresh air in her admission that while anything that leads us into soul-led expression is useful to shift us from our heads and into our hearts, none of these practices are prerequisites to peace, as long as people reconnect to the simple truth of who they are. Nicole supports people in finding freedom from suffering through workshops, global retreats and one-to-ones, and is working on her first book. Visit her at and

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