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Viva España: True Connection to Life in Spain

November 8, 2018 |

For once in my life, I am close to wordless; and that’s no mean feat for a writer!  I have just landed back from a conference in Spain, and I can only describe it as a space that opened up the life-changing recognition of what it is to be alive, and where I met some beautiful people who reflected the love that is within all of us.


It’s all About the Deep Feeling

The Viva Conference is not really so much a ‘conference,’ as a meeting of like-minded humans who remember what it is to be truly living, and long to share that with the world.  You see, life is actually far simpler than we like to think!  I heard something different whilst I was there, and I can’t quite tell you what it is with words, because I don’t have any.  There is no way of describing a feeling that occurs when you hear something on such a deep level that you know it has had a profound impact, but you can’t quite pinpoint at which point that level of understanding occurred.  All I know was that after the first hour, I had a light feeling of peace and spaciousness within me, like I had resonated, once more, with the truth of life and more layers of unneeded humanness had dropped away.  I have one of the main speakers, Judith Sedgeman, to thank for that.  To be quite honest, I could have gone back to my hotel room and bathed in my bliss after the first talk by this beautiful being (I’m kind of glad I didn’t though, otherwise I would have missed the beautiful connections I shared!).


What Viva and the Three Principles Really ‘Are’

Whilst I’ve perhaps explained what Viva feels like, I haven’t explained what it is (I guess the reason is that we don’t really need to know when it’s better to understand who we are, not what we are, right?!), but for those of you who are wondering exactly where I managed to find this beautiful feeling of peace – well, there’s a whole other argument to be had.  Before I tell you about what the event is, my first bit of wisdom tells me to simply remind you that that this feeling was within me all along and Viva simply reminded me of it!  But, to humour the human element, which wants to define what Viva is so that it ‘makes more sense,’ basically (in a nut shell), Viva is a conference for people who are interested in the wonderful Three Principles understanding shared by Sydney Banks.  The Three Principles are what informs everything I share as a Wellbeing Writer and Mentor, and it was so refreshing to enjoy sharing such transformational truth with likeminded souls.

If you’re also wondering what the Three (actual) Principles are, exactly, they are described as Mind, Consciousness and Thought, and to sum it up simply, it is the idea that there is an energy larger than us, that we are all part of, which creates life for us, and that we operate in the world via our experience of our thinking.

To put it very simply, as Judy said so eloquently, joy, peace and love (or whatever we want) is our default setting, underneath any thought that it isn’t.  The clarity that arrived to me throughout this weekend was that it is all about connection.  We have innate connection to whatever we want – love, health, freedom, creativity, joy, peace, anything – and can access it at any time, without even doing anything but understand.  In this way, we are absolutely always ok, even if we think we aren’t.  Something in this settled me right down back to the truth, and resonated in a place of such deep knowing.  This special feeling is how it really is, underneath everything that is not needed.


Staying Curious to Gems of Wisdom

I think I’ve said enough for now, but I’ll leave you with some of my favourite gems of wisdom from the wonderful speakers (I’m a sucker for a good quote!).  Whilst it is never about the words, so much as the feeling of the spoken wisdom in the moment, these gems resonated with me – and so maybe they might remind you of the truth, too.


  • We are nature, walking around, looking human ~ Rudi Kennard


  • There’s a crack in everyone, that’s how the light gets in – but I see it differently, the light is already within and the crack is where the light flows out ~ Jack Pransky


  • Joy is our default setting and peace is a choice ~ Judith Sedgeman


  • All we are is peace, love and wisdom and the power to create the illusion that we’re not ~ Jack Pransky


  • It’s the Human Race, and no one’s winning! ~ Judith Sedgeman


  • You can never have enough of what you never needed in the first place ~ Judith Sedgeman


  • We are just playing peekaboo with the Divine ~ Gabriella Maldonado-Montano


  • Money = Thank You notes – just go and get some more! ~ Mary Schiller


  • The best way to stay depressed is to think about why you’re depressed ~ Ian Watson


I want to make the point that whilst I loved these quotes, this wisdom – what is true for us – is within all of us.  We so often look to others’ wisdom, but Judith reminded me that this isn’t the point.  The really significant learning is within, in our own wisdom.  What it comes down to is to remember this: we are always able to tap into our own innate truth.  We can drop into whatever possibility we want in life, there is infinite possibility to be joyful, and we are always okay, even if it feels like we aren’t.  And, so, I continue to share this message of truth, and I continue to try and help people to reconnect to the truth of who they really are.  Why?  Well, imagine if the whole world could see the truth that we have infinite potential, infinite love and connectedness?  How amazing would that be?   We would be permanently living in the feeling of the experience created in the space and community at Viva.  All it takes is a little understanding about life.  Stay curious, and you will see the truth too…



To those of you I met at the Viva party, thank you for sharing the beautiful feeling with me.  It was amazing to share a collective wisdom so gorgeous that it feels like it changes your life.  The weekend has been special, filled with connection of like-minded humans who understand about the innate truth of our connected nature; people who do know the truth of who we really are.  Instead of leaving with a heaviness that the weekend is over, I leave with a lightness in the knowing we are all, always connected, we are magical stardust and that we are always in the perfect moment.  I leave thankfully reminded that we are connected to life; both in Spain and wherever we happen to be in the world.  And as I continue my journey living, I just want to thank Sue Pankiewicz, Sheela Masand and the rest of the Viva team and speakers, with so much gratitude, for sharing a special space for connection and truth.  It’s been a wonderful celebration of life in beautiful Spain – Viva España!

Infinite love and gratitude,




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Nicole Barton

Life Mentor, Nicole Barton, is something of a unicorn within the self-help industry for her candid notion that nobody needs self-help. She is a breath of fresh air in her admission that while anything that leads us into soul-led expression is useful to shift us from our heads and into our hearts, none of these practices are prerequisites to peace, as long as people reconnect to the simple truth of who they are. Nicole supports people in finding freedom from suffering through workshops, global retreats and one-to-ones, and is working on her first book. Visit her at and

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