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Sivana Freedom Feature

Reclaiming Our Freedom: Feature in Sivana East

March 12, 2019 | No Comments

I’m so excited to share our latest feature in Sivana East!  Recently I’ve been in Bali, and there have been so many insights about finding freedom.  So, when I was invited to share something beautiful with Sivana, I found some inspiration in that, and wrote a little bit about how I found it was actually easier to tap into freedom than we think it is!

To understand why, have a read of my guest blog for them, HERE:




I have seen so much more deeply, since I have been travelling the globe, about how our freedom is innate!  As well as this blog post, I am so excited as life unfolds in miraculous ways here in Bali – and I’m allowing myself to flow on this journey.  Whilst I’m here, I have found myself organising some magical retreats to help share my wisdom about how we can Reconnect to Our Truth – so, if you’re interested to hear more, just email me and we can connect deeper!

For now, I leave you with love and a gentle reminder of the truth that all you seek is already within!




Nicole Barton

Nicole is a passionate Wellbeing Ambassador, adoring all things holistic and natural, with a particular passion for the innovative field of inspirational thought. Travelling the globe, Nicole awakened to the profound understanding she now shares as ‘Transformational Truth’ insights through Wellbeing Mentoring, helping people make sense of life and support themselves back to balance, from the inside-out. She loves the authenticity of helping curious people feel reconnected to life. Visit her at

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