Are you looking to return to your truly innately happy, joyful, creative, natural self?  It's all within... Sometimes you just need tapping back into it to remember the freedom that is always there.  Life is one big, exciting adventure - and it's waiting for you to meet it!

Nicole is a passionate Wellbeing Mentor and Transformational Coach, who holistically healed herself from chronic illness, travelling the globe to learn as much as she could about worldly wellbeing techniques, becoming a heart-centred entrepreneur and launching a global wellbeing business.  During her journey, she awakened to the profoundly truthful understanding of what it is to be a human experiencing life through thought, hearing something different in the amazing 'spiritual psychology' work of Sydney Banks and his Three Principles!  Living in the feeling of the impactful effects from this coaching around some fundamental principles about how life really works - she developed her own understanding which she likes to describe as her Transformational Truth principles.

A thought leader in the field of 'innovative, inspirational thought, Nicole is now passionate about sharing her learning and facilitating insights for others, and offers coaching and mentoring.  Read more here - and have a little watch of the below video to begin your journey...


Wellbeing Mentoring Programmes and Transformational Truth Coaching

Through her 'Transformational Truth' principles, she helps people understand life, from the inside-out, reminding them of their inner resiliance, innate wellness and wisdom!  When we can remember this, profound and exciting transformation occurs.


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