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Nicole is a passionate Wellbeing Ambassador, who holistically healed herself from chronic illness, travelling the globe to learn as much as she could about worldly wellbeing techniques - including everything from Mentoring, Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy - and many other therapies, which she became a specialist in.   She offers appointments via internet (VoIP) calls, and also from pop up clinics throughout London and the Midlands, including her own specialist wellbeing centre in Warwickshire - Chalet Holistics.


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During her journey, she awakened to the profoundly truthful understanding of what it is to be a human experiencing life through thought!  Living in the feeling of the impactful effects from this coaching around some fundamental principles about how life really works - an understanding she likes to describe as the field of 'innovative, inspirational thought' - she is now passionate about sharing her learning and facilitates insights via Wellbeing Mentoring.  Through this, she helps people understand life, from the inside-out, reminding them of their inner resiliance, innate wellness and wisdom!


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If you're feeling curious and would like to work with Nicole to unsuppress your unbroken self, and to re-discover and re-connect to the truth of who you really are, get in touch HERE to discuss her one-to-one and group mentoring packages, retreats and workshops.

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