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Here's what some people have said about working with Nicole's unique and bespoke Wellbeing Mentoring and Coaching...


"This will Definitely Help you to Change Your life"

I have always suffered greatly from anxiety in certain things and over the past few years this anxiety has seemed to have got a little worse. I decided to try to get help for it once and for all, so I started to look online for some options. I found Nicole and contacted her to discuss the help that she could provide me.  Nicole was very friendly in explaining the options that were open to me and discussed these in great detail, explaining how and why they help.


I started a 'Dive Deeper Wellbeing Mentoring' programme with Nicole.  This mentoring basically helped me get to the bottom of why I become anxious and got me to realise that my anxiety comes from within and is not in connection with anyone or anything else. Realising that my anxiety comes from within, and seeing this, has really helped me and I continue to have ongoing sessions to improve further.  I have been really impressed with the way Nicole explains the concepts of coping with anxiety. She is also really understanding and makes you feel so at ease that you feel like you can really open up to her. Thank you Nicole!


For anyone out there who suffers from any sort of anxiety or depression, I urge you to contact Nicole for advice and help. She will definitely help you to change your life."
~ JM


"You Will Think About Things in a Different Way"

I had a Transformational Coaching session with Nicole and really enjoyed every minute of it.  Nicole really helps you think in a different way - she definitely changed my view on how I could look at life. I would recommend coaching sessions to everyone as you will always get something out of it - you will view things differently, think about things in a different way and have a new outlook on life. Thank you Nicole, I loved our session!

~ ET


"Allowed Me to Get Excited About All the Things Happening For Me"

Nicole gently allowed me to get excited about all the things that might be happening for me this year.  She helped me put 'out there' what I’d love to achieve, and then relax and see what comes for me.  Nicole is great and I’m having fun too!

~ JF


"Helps Unravel and Heal a Heap of Things"

Nicole’s empathic skillful work helps unravel and heal a heap of other things. Highly recommended and my first choice for Mentoring!

~ SS


More Testimonials coming soon...

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