Dive Deeper Personal Mentoring Programmes

There are also exciting opportunities to work deeper with Nicole in a Personal Mentoring Programme which is tailored to you in order to help you totally embody the Transformational Truth principles and embrace freedom in all aspects of your life!

  • Find freedom and create deep transformation and change, enabling you to thrive! Realise a sense of deep peace, strong resilience, improved wellness, happier relationships, better feelings of wellbeing, more clarity, more creativity, increased productivity, a deeper connection to self, feelings of love, and alignment with the flow with life!
  • Within a bespoke, one-to-one, personal setting, deeply transform your life by engaging in a different conversation about some Transformational Truth principles which help make sense of how life really works in order to return to the truth of who you really are.
  • Enjoy a personal mentoring programme of hour and a half fortnightly Zoom calls (similar to Skype) to dive deeper into the Transformational Truth principles, with in-between telephone, Wattsapp and email support to access ‘in the moment’ insights, future access to the Online Self-Inquiry Series (in development), FB Community of Connection with group coaching calls, and recommended reading list, with a personal and bespoke focus.

This not only helps you to reconnect to the truth of who you are but the Dive Deeper Programme grounds you in deeper understanding of the Transformational Truth principles, enabling you to maintain your own personal transformation in your future journey!

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