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Our advice has been given based on the fact there are no known contra-indications to treatment and if you have any health conditions or are on any medication you should seek advice prior to using our wellbeing tips. This is because we are unable to advise fully without individuals’ full case histories, as we would normally within a full wellbeing consultation.

In particular, essential oils are powerful and flammable products which can be toxic if used incorrectly, and their use must be respected. Take caution when using the oils – do not use directly on the skin unless highly diluted as per our guidelines, avoid contact with eyes and mouth and do not ingest the oils orally. Please patch test blends on skin prior to application to check for sensitivities. Some essential oils – mainly Bergamot and citrus oils – are photosensitive and can cause issues if you are directly exposed to sunlight after application, so do not apply before going in sunlight. There is safety data available from essential oil manufacturers: this information is not a substitute for this data. Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and seek advice from a GP before use if pregnant as certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and in use with babies and children.

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