Complementary Support Teams UK required overall press awareness, and both brand and marketing support. Nicole helped with:

  • Engaging industry press via Press Releases to raise awareness of the charity, increasing the number of volunteers involved with support
  • Writing features for magazines and blogs – including Base Formula, FHT’s Independent Therapist Magazine and Holistic Therapist Magazine
  • Gaining donations from large wellbeing organisations such as Base Formula and Penny Price
  • Developing Social Media presence
  • Writing web content and negotiating complimentary web hosting from Health Hosts

Jane Lawson, Founder at CSt-UK, London

Service: Press, brand and marketing support

Nicole joined Complementary Support Teams UK at it's initiation as a therapist but, being the kind-hearted girl she is, she soon took on the role of PR for us.  She has done an absolutely amazing job contacting various publications and getting our 'name' and awareness of what we do out in the public domain.  I soon found out that her background is in 'brand building and promotion' - what an extra bonus for us!


She has negotiated and organised our own website and its creative content, prepared engaging Press Releases which generated awareness and various donations, and sorted our Twitter account, all as well as running her own business as a therapist and journalist for the Complementary Health industry. 


I can, hand on heart, in honesty and gratitude, say that it is down to her amazing skills and talent that CST-UK is now being recognised across the UK.  Thank you Nicole, from all your team mates!

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