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Nicole Barton is passionate about combining Brand Coaching and Life Mentoring to help tap uncertain entrepreneurs back into their authentic and inbuilt creativity to help them overcome fears and doubts and strategically brand and market their business from a space of wisdom so that they can step into the work they love and are called to do.  She reconnects people to their innate magic.


Supporting creative entrepreneurs to reconnect to their truthful message, find clarity and explore the fun in what they do, she helps to demystify common fears about getting brand messaging 'right', seeing the importance in helping people to connect to their audience authentically and intuitively - and helps them do this by being the truest version of themselves!  Coaching in brand strategy to help people understand the basics of branding, whilst supporting personal development to help people achieve their dreams - and breaking people out of the 'branding box' - is a combination which helps entrepreneurs to reconnect to their real aims and see that they are truly capable of anything!



"It's important that people know that we don't always see our own true capability, and sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand!  You are already innately everything you want to be and so much is possible, but sometimes our thinking gets in the way of us seeing it.  I want to help you tap back into your true creativity and enable you to grow a business that supports you whilst you are stepping into and flowing with your truthful purpose.  This becomes possible when you combine personal Life Mentoring with Brand Coaching, as you weave the two important skills of entrepreneurship together - finding freedom from fears and uncertainty in order to connect to your truthful message to share with the world."

~ Nicole Barton



Having years of wellbeing and brand management experience, Nicole offers support for the wellbeing industry, both to large organisations and independent individual therapists, from start-ups to established businesses, UK-wide.  Combining her two skillsets and passions into one, providing 'Brand Clarity' workshops and ongoing marketing support for the holistic health and wellbeing industry, she offers anything from coaching about brand strategy and developement, to journalism, writing and press relations work, copy writing, guest blogging, creating podcasts, filming for You Tube channels, running retreats, training workshops, demos and presentations, attending exhibitions or providing general marketing support, through to product development, Nicole is happy to discuss your requirements.  She is happy to work one-to-one with individuals or organisations throughout the UK, London, or globally.  She also represents and collaborates with brands she connects with.


As well as creatively manifesting her Wellbeing Writer blog, she works from anywhere in the globe, offering appointments via Skype or Zoom, also acting as Consultant Aromatherapist for Base Formula – a leading, global supplier of essential oils. Recently, she has also enjoyed supporting Complementary Support Teams UK – a nationwide project set up to respond to disasters in the UK, such as Grenfell Tower, with complementary therapies - managing their press, marketing and social media, and developing their website.


You can see some of Nicole’s case studies below and you can read more Testimonials here.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Brand Coaching Options

As well as responding to bespoke requests from commercial brands, I offer Coaching and Workshops for personal brands and spiritual, wellbeing entrepreneurs. I offer Brand Coaching Programmes and Brand Strategy Workshops which enable you to tap into what you want to achieve with your brand and see how to get there!

Case Studies & Testimonials

Base Formula Ltd

Global Essential Oil Supplier: Journalism & Marketing Consultancy Services.

Yema Ferreira

Yema Ferreira Counselling, Independent Transformational Psychotherapist: Individual Brand Consultancy Services.


Complementary Support Teams UK, Nationwide Charity: Journalism, Brand & Marketing Consultancy Services.


Chi-Tar, Wellbeing Entrepreneur: Brand Strategy Coaching Service

Petits Rituels

Petits Rituels, Luxury, Handmade Aromatherapy Candles Manufacturer: Journalism Services.

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