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Transformational Truth Coaching Sessionals

Nicole's one hour sessional coaching offers an amazing opportunity to delve into any issues you are facing in order to understand them at a deeper level that enables transformation and freedom.

A great way to introduce some of the Transformational Truth principles, dipping your toes into the waters of life's excitement, you can choose from the following sessions and then book below by paying and contacting Nicole to arrange a mutually convenient date!


For a limited time only, Nicole is offering a special promotion on her NEW
Coaching Sessionals  - for the first few bookings only!
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Sessional Coaching Options:

  • Calm Mind – Access your inner calm, reduce stress and anxiety, let go of fear, rid habitual thinking, find space and practice pause in order to connect to a deep sense of inner peace!
  • Inner Creative – Unleash your innate creativity, releasing any blocks to allow fresh new thinking, increased ideas, clarity, productivity, flow and results, to feel more inspired about life’s infinite potential!
  • Self-Love – Tap into your self-confidence and self-esteem, releasing feelings of brokenness and unlocking your truly lovable self, remembering your innate perfection and wholeness, instilling self-care and improving your relationship with yourself.
  • Relationship Resilience - Make sense of messy situations, feelings of broken-heartedness, and understand why people do what they do, creating relationships you truly desire and deserve!
  • Innate Wellbeing – Understand why, despite illness, you are never broken, even when it feels you need fixing. Access your inner state of health, wellbeing and vitality!
  • Find Your Voice – Reconnect with your true self and tap into your own inner wisdom to overcome feeling lost, find your freedom and learn to follow the feeling that leads you back to who you really are!
  • Spiritual Understanding – Dive deeper into the spiritual nature of life, understanding the inside-out reality of spiritual beings having a human experience. Recognise your deeper consciousness, trusting the universe to enable a deeper sense of allowing life to flow.
  • Realising Potential – Remove blocks to you realising your truest potential, get clarity on how to fulfil your purpose and understand how to see endless possibility, playing in life’s playground to unlock real rewards, including manifesting money!
  • Bespoke Coaching – Bespoke sessional coaching helps you make sense of life’s challenges, tapping you back into your own innate wisdom by inspiring curiosity to access insights and clarity to support whatever issues you are experiencing. A great taster into the Dive Deeper Personal Mentoring Programme.

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We are currently running a special promotion for the FIRST TEN people - **last few remaining** - meaning an hour session is £62.50 instead of £125*.  As soon as these limited spaces are full, the price will return to the usual £125.00.  Choose which session you'd like to experience from the below descriptions and then pay for it here and contact Nicole to arrange a mutually convenient time!

* Available on first session only, excludes Bespoke Coaching sessions.

Sessional Coaching

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