Chi-Tar is an innovative brand created by the fun and inspiring Asia Orzechowska.  Combining innovative teaching methods for instument learning, with mindfulness, it is a unique business idea tapping into music and wellbeing!  Nicole helped Asia to reconnect to the truth of her unique message, reminder her to look within in order to speak to her audience and pointing her to her own creatively strong and consistent message.  This led to her creating a wonderful website, amazing videos, improving her social presence and setting up many events!

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Asia Orzechowska, Wellbeing Entrepreneur

Service: Brand Strategy Coaching

I had the Brand Strategy all day workshop with Nicole. She really made me think and understand who my target customers are, and what they like and care about. She helped me understand what my key message was as a business and what my authentic goal was, linking all the ideas as a package of unique services!  She helped me clarify any areas of confusion and make authentic decisions, aligned with me as a person.  After her session any marketing became so much easier!  I now have a clear vision and I feel I know intuitively how to share it with the world. Thanks again Nicole!

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