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How Reconnecting to Yourself in Nature Can Help You Surrender to This Moment

  If there’s a place to go to reconnect to who you really are, it’s the Pods at Wootton Park in Warwickshire.  As I sit here in one of their gorgeous treetop pod houses, surrounded ...

How Everyday Miracles Unfold When We Let Go and See Our True Freedom

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn   For so long I’ve tried to be in control. I’ve tried to make sure that my life ...

Top Tips on How to Cope When the World Seems Tough

  We all go through it, from time to time, when we experience bad luck after bad luck, mixed with what always seems like just more awful stuff.  It often happens when you’re in the ...

Reclaiming Our Freedom: Feature in Sivana East

I'm so excited to share our latest feature in Sivana East!  Recently I've been in Bali, and there have been so many insights about finding freedom.  So, when I was invited to share something beautiful ...

How You Can Find Your Effortless Freedom: A Podcast

How's your FREEDOM feeling? You may have been following my travel journey via Instagram or Facebook recently, but if you're not aware of what I've been up to, I set off on a bit of ...

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Why Connection to Your Passion Is the Only Requirement!

…Even When That’s Staying in Bed! In this moment, it is midday on the second to last...

What is Mentoring?  Why You Don’t Need to Look Outside of Yourself for Answers!

  Have you been looking for a life coach?  Perhaps you’re looking for some sort of solution...

Insights into Love from the Built-In Intelligence of Life

This morning I woke, with a really profound excitement for the intelligence of life.  Whilst I’ve had...

Tiny Buddha Feature

I’m super excited to share that my latest post has been featured on the Tiny Buddha blog! ...

The Art of Letting Go: Why There is Nothing To Do

  I breathe out, this morning, as I walk into change.  In this moment, it feels messy,...

Conversations about ‘Resilience’ with Charlotte Underwood

  Tackling a Sensitive Subject with our Wisdom About Suicidal Feelings   The latest blog post is...

Latest Feature in Wellbeing Magazine: Reconnecting to Authenticity

  Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ in your story?  I understand that, but let me reassure you...

Using Essential Oils from a Place of Wisdom – Intuitive Aromatherapy

  “No one can give away wisdom. A teacher can only lead you to it via words,...

How to Help Your Anxiety in an Instant

  Firstly, let me introduce why I’ve posted this, by sharing this video I created with you…...

Thought Coaching: developing insights to drop out of my mind and into my body

  I’ve recently been having some life coaching with a lovely lady called Mandy Spray.  I’d probably...