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Why Connection to Your Passion Is the Only Requirement!

...Even When That's Staying in Bed! In this moment, it is midday on the second to last Wednesday before Christmas. I’m in bed, with a cup of hot water with lemon and mint, I’ll admit ...

What is Mentoring?  Why You Don’t Need to Look Outside of Yourself for Answers!

  Have you been looking for a life coach?  Perhaps you’re looking for some sort of solution to help you reclaim your life, fix your wellbeing or just understand why you’re not quite able to ...

Why 5 Steps to Achieve Happiness Aren’t Going to Serve You!

Published by Simple Reminders (McGill Media) Everybody's always looking for 5 Steps for tackling stress, anxiety (or whatever else it is they want to ‘fix’). As a society, we are always seeking answers as to ...

Viva España: True Connection to Life in Spain

For once in my life, I am close to wordless; and that’s no mean feat for a writer!  I have just landed back from a conference in Spain, and I can only describe it as ...

Insights into Love from the Built-In Intelligence of Life

This morning I woke, with a really profound excitement for the intelligence of life.  Whilst I’ve had a really tough-feeling few weeks, I can’t help but notice how the universe really does always have our ...

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Om-ing and Ah-ing: What if we Could Wear our Hearts on our Sleeves?

  Why Positive Thinking Isn’t About Fixing Ourselves!   If you regularly read my blog or follow...