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Top Tips on How to Cope When the World Seems Tough

  We all go through it, from time to time, when we experience bad luck after bad luck, mixed with what always seems like just more awful stuff.  It often happens when you’re in the ...

Reclaiming Our Freedom: Feature in Sivana East

I'm so excited to share our latest feature in Sivana East!  Recently I've been in Bali, and there have been so many insights about finding freedom.  So, when I was invited to share something beautiful ...

How You Can Find Your Effortless Freedom: A Podcast

How's your FREEDOM feeling? You may have been following my travel journey via Instagram or Facebook recently, but if you're not aware of what I've been up to, I set off on a bit of ...

Radical Aloneness – Why You Can Embrace Being Alone This Valentine’s Day

  Recently, I’ve had a lot of thinking about ‘aloneness’.  I always felt alone, growing up as an only child, and so this is a story I’ve carried into my adulthood, resisting it as much ...

Beau-tea-ful Rose Tea Stole My Heart

I was recently gifted a beautiful set of products by a company called Yandra Tea.  I often get offered lots of wellbeing-orientated gifts, and I don't always accept them unless they resonate as it isn't ...

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Unleashing Innate Creativity by Simply Noticing Fear – feature in Source Life Magazine!

A special thanks goes to Source Life Magazine for featuring our latest Guest Blog!  We have teamed...

Celebrating Why I Love Yoga – on International Yoga Day

  As I write this, I am reminiscing about the yoga class I was in just earlier...

Just flow – right now – for improved creativity and productivity! However busy you are…

  So, this morning, I found myself in London with lots of work to do.  As many...