Nicole provides ongoing marketing services to Base Formula, acting as their Consultant Aromatherapist for both press and consumer enquiries. This includes:

  • Providing Guest Blogs on various topics, including Essential Oil of the Month
  • Writing Articles for Press – including Yoga Magazine, Holistic Therapist Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, True Health Magazine and others
  • Providing Social Media Tweets
  • New Product Development
  • Writing Tips for Marketing Content
  • Attendance at Exhibitions
  • Demos on Holistic Health Stage
  • Responding to Consumer Queries as their Wellbeing Specialist

Sharon Lovett, Base Formula, Melton Mowbray

Service: Global marketing consultancy

Nicole has been a real ‘find’ and is now an integral member of our marketing team, working as an Aromatherapy and Natural Health Consultant. Nicole is one of our key guest bloggers, writing regular articles that engage our customers and attract new visitors to our site. She also assists with editorial features for magazines such as Natural Health and True Health, writes content for our social media channels and advises on new product development.


We are constantly impressed with her creativity, her professional knowledge – that spans a wide range of holistic health disciplines - and the outstanding quality of her work. She has excellent writing skills, with a genuine desire to inspire her audience and provide them the best possible information and advice. Her articles include wonderful aromatherapy blends and skincare recipes for our customers to try, which not only adds value for customers but also generates additional sales.


On the product development side we have been very impressed with her technical and ‘blending’ expertise - creating formulas that ‘work’ and also smell amazing!


Nicole has a very professional, well-organised and timely approach, and is always a delight to work with. She is honest, reliable and extremely enthusiastic, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services!

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