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Thank you for landing on my blog! I’m Wellbeing Writer – aka Nicole Barton -
and I want to tell you my tale about how I became so passionate
about wellbeing because it is a story very close to my heart...

Nicole’s Journey: Wellbeing Writer 


I'm Nicole Barton, Life Mentor, Founder of Wellbeing Writer blog, and Brand Coach to uncertain, creative entrepreneurs in the wellbeing space.  I began my journey into the natural health field when I found myself feeling exhausted, stressed,  anxious and totally disconnected.  I struggled through the haze, as we often do, working hours-on-end in my demanding job as a Brand Manager in the beauty industry until - one day - I became so burnt out that I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Despite being unable to physically move, it was actually then that I began to wake up.  I found myself on an exciting journey (though it didn't seem it!) that the universe had laid out for me; this time, pursuing my passion for holistic health, and taking time out to reconnect with my own wellbeing needs – mind, body and soul.  Travelling the globe to train in worldly wellbeing techniques - venturing from Stonehenge to Bali - I studied a wide variety of complementary therapies - including yoga, meditation and homeopathy - at award-winning academies.  Remembering my love of all things ‘natural’ I set up my own specialist wellbeing clinic - Chalet Holistics - in idyllic, rural Warwickshire - before following my heart, working from clinic in London.


I still felt something was 'missing,' though - and it wasn't until the biggest shift happened during my continued 'search for myself', when I awakened to an understanding about how the mind really works.  I came across a profound understanding about how we experience life via thought in the moment, and that underneath that we are all connected to whatever we want - and this changed everything, helping me see the true possibility that lies within.  Nowadays, I am a Life Mentor sharing these insights to help people find freedom from suffering via my retreats, workshops and speaking events, and through one to one mentoring  - and I'm also writing a book.


I am a well-featured Wellbeing Writer through my blogging and wellbeing industry journalism and press.  With a passion for strategic branding, I also love to help tap uncertain and budding entrepreneurs back into their authentic creativity, helping them overcome fears and doubts and strategically but intuitively brand and market their business so that they can step into the work they love and are called to do.



"The beauty of being able to see that we have an innate world of possibility that lies within us, is that I can not only help creative entrepreneurs in the wellbeing space with their branding, PR and writing, but I can help them to see their own true capability, too - and that's the beauty of combining Brand Coaching with Life Mentoring.  Sometimes, we just need someone to hold our hand and show us the way, so that we can step into who we really are, underneath all our fears and challenges.  We always have the wisdom we need within us."

~ Nicole Barton



I also coach and consult for nationwide wellbeing businesses - from small individual clients to large corporate – such as Base Formula, a leading supplier of essential oils, for whom I am a Consultant Aromatherapist - helping with their marketing and communications about balanced health.  Being regularly featured in magazines, I write for wellbeing industry press on any natural health topic - from my mentoring insights into the field of inspirational thought, to homeopathic medicine, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and various other holistic therapies including aromatherapy and essential oils, reiki and reflexology.  I cover a wide range of topics, from mental, emotional and physical health, right through to specialist areas such as fertility support, pregnancy wellbeing, natural skincare and making homemade products.



My story, I hope, is one of overcoming illness by following my heart to my truth. Life will always have its ups and downs, via thought in the moment, but it’s how you allow yourself to ride the waves with a conscious understanding of life that counts.  I want to be able to help that become easier through the wellbeing mentoring teachings and tips in my blog and I hope you enjoy reading!  Check out the rest of my site to hear more – and sign up to my newsletter if you would like to keep the connection going.  If you're after more regular conversation, pop over to join me on social media, using the links below.  Do also feel free to email me!

I look forward to chatting soon and I hope Wellbeing Writer reaches a place in your heart that helps you remember your re-connection to your own beautiful truth, too.  I'm always here to support.

We are always connected, and you are innately whole, perfect and complete.